The heart has reasons that reason does not understand

By: Nor Adiyanti

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Tuesday, 19-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
happy birthday to me...

Today is my 22nd birthday. The song on the radio was...Well, whatever song that is "Nobody loves you when you're 23" I haven't heard it before (and I'm out of it enough to not know who it is, what's the name of the song). It's funny when the person who used to wish u "happy birthday!!! u've been so kind to me all over the years and bla bla bla" haven't wished u yet or should i say takkan??? Anyway...i dont mind... that is definitely not a problem. Afterall, everything was kinda drama scripts ke ape ntah.. yela, when it is over, it's over lah. full stop. x payah bace script lagik. u deserve an award for the role that u played. I'm so so so so happy today. saye x pernah risau tiap kali birthday saye. tapi saye x pernah sebok jage tepi kain org yg risau bile umo dah naik jugak. sbb...tue terpulang la kan masing2. I'm happy with my life now and by saying this, bukan maksudnye "heyy cepatla jeles... aku tgh berlagak nihhh". hm...nak buat ape arinih? so many things to do actually... nak survey barang2 utk hantaran la... buat spek baru la... betolkan rambut yg mula cam hantu nih la... bajar masak hihihi . lastly...Dear Keyol,
My angel, my all, my very self. Now a quick change to things internal from things external. If only I were a clever woman, I could describe to u how happy I am in a form of poetry. I would tell you that you are the greatest man of all ages, and I should only be speaking the simple truth. Thank you darling

Thanks to my friends..hani, pipah, azreen, nazira, zila, nurin, hajar, isma, ili, meje, zalen, dong, lina, fatin, wahhhh banyak agik.. thanks sbb wish, sms, ym n tepon. And of family.

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